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Parents Rights for Washington State

Parent's Rights Washington is an Advocacy Group for parents looking to help secure their right to parent their own children without interference from outside special interest groups.

A Parent's right to make decisions about the health, welfare and education of their children is being eroded continually by special interest groups that want to take parenting rights away from normal, healthy parents in order to press personal agendas on families, specifically children, without the consent of parents. is a community organization whose mission is to open the lines of communication between groups of concerned parents in order to reinforce the rights of parents to decide what is in the best interest of their children and promote legislation that edifies parent's rights to make key decisions about their own children's wellbeing.


At You can:

  • Meet other families dealing with Parent's Rights issues.
  • Read news and information about Parent's Rights in Washington State.
  • Tell your Parent's Rights story.
  • Show your support for Parent's Rights in Washington.

Communication, Edification and Legislation - Parent's Rights Advocacy Group for Washington State.

Telling your Parent's Rights story is a valuable way to communicate the importace of Parent's Rights and identify the struggles families face today. 


 Parents Rights Advocacy Group
Washington State
  is a community organization working to promote legislation that supports parents rights in Washington State.

Get News, Information, Case Studies and Resources about Parent's Rights Issues in Washington State.

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Parents Rights Washington News
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Parents Rights Washington

Parents Rights Advocacy Group for Washington State. Supporting Parent's Right to Choose what is in the best interest of their children.


How Grandparents Rights Threaten Parents Rights

GP rights sound good on the surface, but what does it really mean to the welfare of families in Washington? 

Washington Grandparents Rights Advocacy


Contact Your Representative

Contact your State Representative and support Parents Rights in Washington State. 


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